Storm windows can either fit on the inside or the outside, depending on the application. They go by the names of triple tracks, double tracks, piggy back, brick to brick, inside slider, flat storm sash and others. In this day of high energy cost storm windows can be a very wise investment for they really can help to protect the house and help slash high-energy bills.

The most common storm windows are the double and triple track models. These are the ones used on single hung and double hung windows. They are the ones with the little corner keys, swivel keys, slide bolts and weather stripping. As everything else in our business, every part is different and we must always have a sample in order to get the right replacement part so you may request that you ship your window to us.

Taking a storm window apart requires a clear work area, gloves (you are working with glass and my attorney would shudder if I didn’t mention using all of the proper safety equipment) safety glasses and apron. Most commonly the glass is dropped into a frame and held in with rubber strips (called push in spline). So you must first remove the spline and then lift out the glass. The spline is one of the hardest items to duplicate and replace so don’t throw it away. Next get an electric drill and drill a small hole (we use a 3/16 inch diameter) at the corner where the frame was staked (the stake mark are the little dents in the frame left over from where the punch press locked the frame to the corner).

Once you have drilled through the stake point, you need to drive the corner out. Take a screwdriver and hammer and tap the corner out.

Take your sample corner and ship it to us, so we can match it for you. Once you have the replacement corner slide it into the frame. Lay the frame on your worktable and restake (use a center punch or ice pick) next to the old stake points.

Next scrape off the old glue on the frame and glass. Put a bead of rubber based cement (do not use a hard glue) on the frame and install the glass. Push the spline in place and let the panel dry for a day.

If you have a wrap around frame then the corners will be held in with screws or little tabs. Once again remove the corner and ship it to us so we can match it for you.

Storm Window Parts
To find out more information about our available Storm Window Parts please call us at 513-931-4432 or send us an email.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the large variety of different parts, you may need to ship us a complete sample of what you need in order for us to positively ID your part. 

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