Screens, those wonderful sheets of sheerness that protects the body from marauding bloodthirsty mosquitoes. Can you tell how much I love mosquitoes?

Screen frames have been made of wood, steel, bronze, aluminum and vinyl. Screen wire has been made of copper, bronze (what people call copper), steel, fiberglass, aluminum, polyester, stainless steel and some special blends.

In most situations the standard roll formed aluminum frame screen with either fiberglass or aluminum wire is all that you will need. After making those basic decisions then comes the tough ones, what color of frames, what color of wire and what kind of fittings you will need to hold the screen in place.

To put it in perspective we stock 12 different types of screen wire, 14 different types of frame section and dozens of different clips.

For the person having special applications i.e., very large sizes, special coloration, solar protection, security issues or other considerations there are a multitude of possibilities to work with. The problem is if you are working with a small shop or in need of some very special material you will find yourself paying for custom material, which can get very expensive very quickly. Another added expense is that you can get a consultant out to look at your screening needs, but be prepared to pay for their research time and expertise.

When buying new screens, ask a few questions
  1. Am I looking for insect protection, solar protection or higher security ?
  2. What color of frame do I want.?
  3. Should I get rolled formed section or extruded section and what gauge ?
  4. What type of screen wire do I want?
  5. What color of screen wire do I want ?
  6. What fittings do I need to hold the screens in place ?
  7. Should I measure the screens, take a sample to the shop or pay to have one of their people come out and measure ( the measuring is free, you are actually paying for insurance that the screens will fit).

To find out more information about our available window screens please call us at 513-931-4432 or send us an email.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of the large variety of different parts, you may need to ship us a complete sample of what you need in order for us to positively ID your part. 

7824 Hamilton Avenue • Cincinnati, Oh 45231
 513-931-4432 • 513-931-4450 [fax]

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