Awning windows are the ones that open up horizontally, with each lite of glass having a frame around it. I have always liked the awning window style. I like the idea that when it is raining, you can still have the window open to get fresh air.

The design of the awning window goes from the ridiculously complicated (Alwintite Center) to the very simple awning windows made by the different wood and vinyl window manufacturers.

The windows of the 50s and 60s ranged from very high quality to some not being worth dragging home. These windows used long linkage sets connected to torque bars, connected to operators to open and close the windows. Luckily most of these windows were well made and as long as occasionally you lubricate them, you will have few problems. With the operator (cranking mechanism) needing to be replaced, being the biggest problem (we stock 137 different operators). Of course with so many moving parts you could have other failures (torque bar arms, torque bar holders, linkage guides, rivets, studs, vent arms, or screws backing out) but these failures were infrequent compared to operator failure. The next most common problem was the window getting out of adjustment. What is meant by that is, the ventilators (the aluminum frames that held the glass and moved horizontally when the window was opened) would no longer close tight against the master frame giving a tight air seal. In most cases the window had built in adjusting blocks and by moving the blocks up or down you could force the sash to tighten or loosen up. You needed to be careful because on each awning window you have only about 1 in of total adjustment for the entire window. You may make one ventilator so tight you couldn’t budge it, but the other ones will flop in the breeze.

If the awning windows weren’t properly maintained over the years you may have other wear problems, which could drive you completely up a wall. A worn rivet has been known to make some of my technicians loose their religion.

The new awning windows are much simpler in design with fewer moving parts than the older windows. Basically you have a double hinge system and an operator, that is it. You are limited in the amount of adjustment you have to work with, but some companies are starting to use hinges that are adjustable.

Awning Window Parts
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